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DAOA is a great game, though there are subtle differences between this and the base game. Warning: There may be spoilers but I’ll try to limit them.


The first thing I noticed right off the bat is how much easier DAOA is than DAO. I can’t tell you how many times I died on that first ogre battle and various other fights when I played on ‘normal’ difficulty in DAO. I had to take it down to ‘casual’ (easy) just to make it through. I think I may have perished once during this game and even my party members were aptly able to defend themselves and not die hardly at all during battles. I will admit, however, that there is some chance that it was easier simply because I have gotten better. I know to a small extent this is true – as I’m more nimble with the radial dial and quickly issuing commands and whatnot, but I digress. Overall I think it’s much easier.


As you would expect, the story is fantastic. I genuinely cared about at least 4 of the 5 new characters. I was a bit SPOILER disappointed that the first 2 characters you get are magi, which I suppose would be less overkill if you’re not a mage. There were some interesting decisions, but for the most part (of course) the story progresses in a similar fashion no matter what you decide. Overall, if you loved DAO, you’ll again find yourself immersed in DAOA.


A few new awesome sets of armor, some cool new weapons, new skills and talents; overall a more tweakable game. I do get a bit miffed sometimes though that you can only have 6 skills mapped to hotkeys. It can be frustrating, especially if you’re used to WoW or something (or if you have the PC version of DAO) and you have almost all of your most used skills one touch away – overall the new skills serve to make you have to open your radial menu more often if you wish to truly rule this game with superior strategy… But that’s neither here nor there: lots of fun new stuff to work with.


Not a strong point for a few reasons. First of all, it’s really tedious. For instance to make a GRANDMASTER flame rune, you need 1)the rune tracing (like a recipe) 2)etching liquid 3) blank runestones and 4)two EXPERT flame runes. To make an expert flame rune you need all the above except 2 journeyman flame runes… to make a JOURNEYMAN rune, you need all of the above and two NOVICE runes…you get the idea; you have to do a lot of math and spend a lot of money and time for a relatively unnoticeable payoff. Well, I should note that grandmaster runes do have a noticeable payoff, but the lower ones, not so much.


There are only a few places to explore in this game, but they’re very well thought out and fun. There are very few vendors in the entire game, so it’s pretty easy to remember who has what. The witty banter between party members is funny sometimes, but its very sparse. You get a personal storage chest right away, though I almost never needed it, as I had a 120 space backpack.


There are not a terribly large number of these, but there are some fun ones. Everything from a scavenger hunt to hunt-and-kill type. You will never be without a purpose in this game, but there are several quests that are very nebulously worded and therefore are hard or impossible to even figure out without a guide of some sort. There were a few collection quests that never ended; that is, you have to find some lyrium sand for this guy but he just makes a grenade for you every time. There are several of these quests that offer no closure


There are a few of these. I mainly noticed it with a few quests; if you make a certain decision in one of the quests the guy will walk away and you’ll never see him again, but the quest still shows as active even though you can’t complete it. Another time is a similar situation with a companion quest. Minor gripes though. And I don’t know what happened but when I first turned the game on and it started, I was immediately thrown into a boss fight that wasn’t supposed to happen for an hour or so (naturally I got creamed) and when I restarted it was back where it was supposed to be… so go figure.

Overall, a great game and I can’t wait to play through it again as a melee character: perhaps a rogue or two-handed weapon warrior? Perhaps this will give me a chance to really enjoy traps, stealing, using poisons and grenades, etc: all the things you really don’t need as a magic user. In fact, maybe I’ll get started again right now…