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Posted: September 27, 2011 in Rants
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Well, once again I’ve quit Facebook.  My hopes are that it will increase my productivity of my own blog and twitter.  I suppose I got sick of feeling that every random thought that crossed my mind or made me chuckle deserved to be shared with the world.

Using my blog is a bit more mdest; far fewer people frequent this blog, if any.  I don’t care though.  I do it for me.  I will inevitably forget, lose, or throw away my own journals in a fit of passion – but this I can pretty much always find so long as civilization doesn’t collapse.

Should civilization collapse, then perhaps that would be good for me.  Life would be about surival and I would cease to stew in my own depression and philosophical meanderings that without fail keep me in constant misery.

So anyway, Jason, keep up the blogging and tweeting.  No one cares.  But this you know.  Such is life… oh! wait… Cest la vie… or something.