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So I’m actually starting Insanity with my beautiful friend Rikki (Rikki Booby).  This is my “before” picture. I’m in OK shape now, BUT I plan to get super ripped (or at the very least, less flabby).


This is a fantastic workout.  I haven’t sweat this much due to exercising since basic training four years ago in the middle of summer in Georgia (Fort Benning, if you’re curious).

I am, of course, adhering to the Jason Diet, so there are a bunch of factors at work in my health right now.  I’m sure this workout would probably work even if I ate like shit though.

I liken the program to getting a tattoo: during the process it’s painful as hell but once you’re done, the endorphin rush is so intense that you actually look forward to the next torture session.

So I don’t want to say anything that might jinx me, so I’ll just end with my stats as of today: 176lbs and ~20% body fat (according to the calipers I got from GNC).  My goal by the end of the 60 day program is 160lbs and 12% – with the physique to match 🙂 I’ll try to update regularly, even if it means taking a new pic every day… If this all works then I’ll make a “Jason Does Insanity” page chronicling my adventure.