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Google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about.  Or read on.  Whatever.

So there I was.  I woke up at 3am.  Wide awake, I twisted and turned until I decided that sleep just wasn’t in my immediate future.  I decided to play a round of Disgaea 2 (for PSP) thinking that would help me get back to sleep.  Well, it worked and before I knew it I was out like a light… that’s out…

It’s worth mentioning that if you’re practicing lucid dreaming or astral projection or anything of the sort, one of the most trusted methods is waking up in the middle of the night for about 15 minutes and doing something mentally engaging and then returning to sleep.  This turns your mind on but your body stays relaxed so when you do fall back asleep you’re more likely to mentally awaken while your body is still asleep, facilitating lucid dreaming.

Anyway, so I started to have a series of lucid dream-like dreams.  I never became fully lucid, but there was a moment when I was sitting up and I realized I was dreaming, but I was immediately sucked back to my body.  A few minutes later, I found myself wandering through some halls of some old building (the walls were plaster and painted blue, if it matters) when I realized I was dreaming, but again, I immediately lost lucidity.

The next time I felt myself become lucid, my arms separated from their physical counterpart first and I felt myself kind of waving them in the air, trying to free the rest of my dream/astral body.  Suddenly I realized I was being detained (of sorts…) with someone holding my arms by the wrists. I looked up and there was a wispy, thick, dark, hooded figure above me.  I thought, “let me go, I want to be free,” and I could see the smoke-like hooded figure shake its head ‘no.’  I began to feel terrified, knowing this was the “old hag” that so many others had written about and told stories about in many cultures throughout time.  I began to invoked the name of Jesus – but then I realized that I don’t have enough faith for that invocation to have any power, so I began saying things like, “god” and “light” and “all that is good in the universe.” 

The next few things all happened at once – in a matter of seconds, it seemed – after I started claiming authority of the universe with this entity.  At this point the hooded figure’s face started to come closer to mine and twist into an old woman’s face.  I suddenly realized I couldn’t breath and was terrified.  I also heard a loud, high-pitched ringing scream-type noise as her face drew closer to mine.  And just as quickly as it had begun, it was over.  I lay awake realizing I was cold, alone, and naked. 

I got up to take a piss without my usual fear of the dark.  I remember talking to myself, questioning why I become terrified in dreams, but in waking life, when I actually can be ‘hurt,’ I am relatively fearless.  I also got excited because I finally had the hag dream.  I suspect that one of the reasons the dark figure became the old hag is that I thought it was.  I mentally convinced myself this was what was happening.  And, previously, I suspect that the reason I felt an entity of any sort was holding me was because of the difficulty of separating my astral body from my physical.  Gotta blame someone, right?  Why not Zoidberg? Um… I mean why not a dark mysterious, smokey, hooded entity from hell?  And lastly, everyone knows your spirit doesn’t need air; I’m sure I created the entire thing from fear, imagination, and things I had heard about in ghost stories.  But then again, that IS pretty much how all of folklore gets passed down, so I guess I was just proud to be part of it.

Even though this was at terrifying experience, I think it was a nice reintroduction back into the dream sciences for me.  I had been away far too long, and I hope to get back to work with regular excursions into dreamland.

***Edit, well, not really, since I haven’t published this post yet…

I had a sweet ass-ass dream last night where I saw a pink, 50’s style car but it was a hover-car.  I pointed it out to the person I was with (some bitch, I dunno) and she said she couldn’t see it.  I said, “Really?” “Nope.” “Are you fucking kidding me?”  “Nope.”  It was at this point I realized I was dreaming.  So I immediately attempted to move, only to be held down once again by some entity.  But since I knew what to expect, I made a break for it and went “outside” (inside & outside are all relative in the dream world) to my OWN hover car.  It was kind of like a ‘72 Lincoln Mark IV or something.  Anyway, I still knew that I was dreaming and that my alarm would be going off shortly so I piloted my car as high above the trees as I could in the little time I knew I had left.  It was a breathtaking sunrise vista, like a cross between a savannah and ocean and hills and forest; a little of everything, and I gasped in amazement in my dream.  I immediately heard my alarm going off in RL and I knew I had to get up and go to work, but it was sure nice to have such a beautiful lucid dream, however short it ended up being. I think I may be getting my groove back!