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Anabolic Diet: Day 5

Posted: November 20, 2009 in Health & Nutrition

I have been doing this diet for about 5 days now.  I have approximately the same amount of energy as I normally do.  I haven’t been able to work out as vigorously as I normally would the last 2 days or so.  I can feel my energy stores draining.  I have not put on any visible weight; if anything I’ve trimmed down a hair or stayed exactly the same (which, coupled with weight lifting, can give the appearance of getting leaner). 

I’m not so crazy about the foods that are to be eaten with this.  I wake up each morning – at least yesterday and today – dreading how I’m gonna be able to consume enough food and at the right intervals to keep my metabolism burning all day.  And with all the protein and fat I need, I worry about getting enough fiber.  I manage this by eating a few bowls of broccoli, some celery, and using ground flax see here and there.  I’ve at least found a way to consume raw eggs in a way that doesn’t make me gag anymore; blend them up in my GNC blender bottle.  Also, if you add chocolate protein powder to the mix, it’s almost like drinking cake batter, so it’s tolerable.

I haven’t really enjoyed eating as long as I can remember.  It was fun when I was a llittle kid and it was just something I did at certain times everyday, but it began to become a chore once I had to start paying for food myself and especially once I started learning about nutrition.  Now it’s work.  It’s exhausting trying to eat a balanced healthy diet, and just as draining trying any different eating style.  I’m sure on some level many people feel this stress, whether consciously or not,  and it contributes to the mass eating disorder that is America.

So this diet can seem a bit extreme to the outside observer.  I casually mentioned yesterday (for shock effect) that I had consumed 36 slices of bacon (the Hormel precooked stuff) and my friends gasped.  When 4 slices equals 70 calories, it’s really not that shocking, but when you hear “36 slices of bacon…” 

So here’s my diet so far.  I will not go on about exact amounts, as I really haven’t been keeping too close of tabs on my consumption.  I’ve found, much to the detriment of those I try to help with my eating plans, that my intuition serves me well when it comes to food.

Turkey burger patties, raw eggs, Syntha-6 protein powder, 6-star protein powder, bacon, sausage, mayo, olive oil, coconut oil (Nutiva ROCKS!), broccoli, green beans, celery, walnuts, pine nuts, chicken breast filets, swiss cheese (full-fat).  There are other items I’m sure and I will ultimately create a final post with my conclusions and any other food items I can remember.  The main key, since I’m not in this to get big, is to keep the metabolic fire going all the time while consuming enough calories to support my athletic lifestyle.