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On a whim I decided to research some new ways of eating. 

As many people know, a while back I created “The Jason Diet” both to lose weight (~60 lbs for me) and to lead a new healthier life.  Since then I have been on and off the wagon.  Almost to the point where it csn be considered an eating disorder.  really I think most Americans have eating disorders, whether diagnosed or not, but I’ll digress.  My weight has fluctuated significantly; I get as low as 163 and as high as 195.  I still haven’t broken the 200 lb ceiling but I’ve come close. 

One of my suspicions is that as a result of geting older, my body is just filling out a bit.  But I want it o fill out the way I want it.  As such, I’ve been going to the gym quite a lot.  I’ve been gaining muscle, getting stronger, feeling better; but I still have excess fat. 

So here I am.  I happened to come across the anabolic diet.  I was skeptical at first, because I always associate “anabolic” with drug and steroid use, as opposed to a natural process in digestion and energy conversion.  And Once I realized that this diet basically teaches your body to use fat for energy as opposed to carbohydrates,  I was intrigued.  It made sense to me: we don’t burn fat because we limit how much we intake. 

The program that I am going to follow is thus: Induction phase, where I eat only fat, protein and high fiber veggies in order to convert my body from burning carbs to burning fat.  Next, during the mainenace phase, I will carb load for 1-2 days eating anything I want, then return to high fat/protein low carb.  It’s kinda like a modified Atkin’s geared more towards body builders and weight lifters as opposed to overweight persons.

This blog will journal my journey to and through the anabolic diet and my experiences with it.  I will strive to include links, pics, and other useful information regarding the process.  I think I will take a “before” pic today and in a few weeks take another one so I have some objective visual comparison.  Otherwise, the blog will focus on facts and feelings.  I am truly excited to go through this, and to stick it out for the whole induction phase and a few weeks of maintenance to really see what all the beef is about.  So come along with me for one more dietetic journey!