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I never attended seminary.  Nevertheless, I have spent copious amounts of time reading, researching, comparing, contrasting, meditating (praying), and – forgive the negative connotations of the word – ‘dabbling’ in all sorts of faiths and religious/spiritual endeavors.  The only conclusion I can really come to is that everybody is climbing the same infinitely large mountain but just taking different paths; visualizing the goal at the end (even if the goal is the journey itself) as something unique to each person.  Some may experience a rain forest, others a desert; some grasslands, some swamp – all depending on what we choose to experience this lifetime.  I will concede that there is no proof that this way of living is Holy (or proof of anything, really) but it’s what works for me.  That’s the best anyone can hope to achieve right? Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” And that’s what I’m here for.

Many of the seemingly askew beliefs I have can be easily explained when you understand where I’m coming from.  I don’t expect you to read every book that I’ve read.  I don’t expect you to be moved by the art and music that I’m moved by.  I expect you to be yourself and constantly become more and more who you want to be.

One of the recurring themes throughout philosophy, spirituality, and religion is that most people believe the same things but just use different words for them (praying/meditation, God/Allah/Great Spirit, Soul/higher Self, etc) so if you keep your mind open and your vision wide you will see many, many consistencies in even the most disparate faiths.

We’re already prefect; life on Earth is more about creation than anything else.  We create who we want to be every day that we wake up.  Every moment is “NOW.” Every second is pregnant with possibility to become: to become better: healthier, wiser, kinder, more loving and accepting.

We are not forced into roles in life.  We chose our circumstances before we incarnated.  We made decisions based on what our souls want to become.  We are all ‘little gods.’ We are individuations of the Divine Source and when we give ourselves that much credit – when we truly own that we are part of and not separate from God, then we can truly begin evolving and ‘growing up.’ The old way of religion is dead.  We’re not afraid of hell.  We’re not gonna be lured by promises of golden streets, virgins, and other such spiritual ‘treasures’ waiting for us at some appointed time –  to be claimed upon death if we live a certain righteous way according to a particular faith.

No; this is the generation that calls “BULLSHIT!!!!” to the organized religions of the world.  We recognize the damage it has done and wars that have revolved unceasingly around semantics for thousands of years.  We will be the ones to love each other without regard to religion, race, sexual orientation, social class, or gender.

With that said, here are my spiritual tenets that I live by.  It has been written that a belief is not something mental or intellectual; rather it’s demonstrated in every breath you take and every thing you do.  Your behaviors are your beliefs in action.  Enjoy!

My Spiritual Tenets

Version 1.1 February 10th, 2014

(Subject to change without notice. Void where prohibited.)

  1. The Creator is not separate from Creation, but rather in and of every last bit of it.
  2. We should love our neighbor as ourself; and EVERYONE is our neighbor.
  3. Mankind is created in the image of God – not the other way around: She cannot be hurt, offended, disgusted, made ill, surprised, killed, lessened in any way, added to in any way, hidden from, fully-comprehended, named (God, Allah, Yahweh, etc.), or labeled. No pronoun (“She,” “He,” “It,” etc.) suffices to describe the Infinite so all are equally appropriate or equally lacking.
  4. God does not require worship – in fact, God doesn’t require anything, nor does She have any preference for our lives or judgment of our deeds and especially our thoughts – though; of course there are consequences (good and/or bad) to every action and thought.
  5. Our beliefs must and will change as new understanding is gained and assimilated.
  6. The only constant in the universe is change. God is never-ceasing change; in this respect He is unchanging.
  7. Any faith MUST be challenged and, when challenged, will reveal gaps in understanding that can only be filled with knowledge, experience, and wisdom; not magical mythologies that require violent or staunch defenses.
  8. Creation – including mankind – is not “fallen” by some ancient, mystical cosmic war; it is the product of our own individual and collective conscious, super-conscious, unconscious, and subconscious choices throughout the ages.
  9. The pursuit of knowledge and wisdom is paramount in life.
  10. Science and spirituality are not mutually exclusive, but rather complimentary and supportive of each other; the Big Bang IS Creation.
  11. Life is a journey, not a destination; and ‘getting to heaven’ should not be a motivating factor for ‘good’ works and ‘going to hell’ should not be a deterrent for hurtful behavior (see #2).
  12. There is no time except the eternal moment of Now. Everything that has ever happened happened Now; not some time in the “past.” And everything that ever will happen will happen Now, not in the “future.”
  13. We are all equally holy, valuable, and worthy prophets of God. All of us are heaven sent.
  14. “Good” and “Evil” (right & wrong, etc.) are not absolute moral qualities in the eternal cosmic sense, but loosely-defined, relativistic descriptions from temporally-focused,  myopic beings who need to place judgments, names, and labels on all aspects of their mortal lives in order to better conform the universe and the world around them to their limited understanding.
  15. No one does anything “wrong” given his model of the world and how it works. That is, we always find a way to justify our “bad” behaviors, whether we regret them or not.
  16. We are ALWAYS growing spiritually, even when we go against our higher intuition – this is just an opportunity for our souls to set us back on the right path and for us to learn something – even if the lesson is what NOT to do.
  17. Life doesn’t begin at conception; life is a process that always was and always will be.
  18. We (the REAL Me; the REAL You) can’t be killed or hurt – nor can any of us truly harm or kill another.
  19. There is no death, just a transition of states of being for our consciousness.
  20. We will never be given a test in life that can be prepared for – after all, it’s not a test if we’re prepared.
  21. We will never be tested with anything that we can’t handle.
  22. Nothing exists in a vacuum; that is, all things are dependent on and acted on by other things; for this reason every metaphor, allusion, and allegory ultimately falls apart at some point.
  23. There is ALWAYS something better; something better to strive for, a better food, a better feeling, a higher goal, a more beautiful sunset, etc. so one must strike a balance between being content with what one has and continually aspiring for the next best thing.
  24. There is ALWAYS something worse.
  25. Each of us is forever at the center of time, size, and all relativism; in essence, the Universe.
  26. No two things happen at exactly the same time; the Creator has infinite time to adjust the spin of each individual electron before She moves on to the next; the cumulative effect is cosmic Harmony and Creation as we know it.
  27. Love is all there is.
  28. There’s no proof that can’t be denied or argued against. In other words, no matter what, some people will not be swayed no matter how incontrovertible the evidence. This is the fallacy of faith (see #27).
  29. Simply ‘being wrong’ is less painful than admitting our fallacies and changing my thinking, but also less spiritually progressing.
  30. It’s not our duty to convince anybody of anything, but merely present alternative ideas.
  31. No one REALLY knows anything for certain. (see #4, #5)
  32. Philosophy & religion has been debated for millennia – there are no new ideas, but some old ideas have been forgotten and must be re-infused into the world for its edification and enlightenment.
  33. Void where prohibited. Prices and participation may vary. Terms subject to change without notice at any time.



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  1. I’m sure Russ has recommended these books to you before (and perhaps you’ve even read them), but you should read the Hyperion series by Dan Simmons. You need to read the first two to understand the third and fourth, but I think you would greatly appreciate the last two books.

  2. Russel says:

    *sigh* I miss those four long jogs wherein we discussed theology. Let us see if memory serves: It is and it isn’t, neither is it nor is it not. NAHH That doesn’t sound right!

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