Okay, now that I’ve put a shit-eating grin on my own face, allow me to explain.

*wipes shit off face*

I decided to rename my blog because 1) I’m so fuckin9 clever that I thought of “Anti-hyphenationist” and B) I thought of the perfect tag-line: “Don’t Believe The Hyph.”  It was too good not to use.  Plus “Mentology” became less cool once I realized everybody and their gay grandmothers were using it to find in-shape love across the internet.  And If it’s not flamingly obvious, I’m all about the cool factor.  Once that’s gone, I’m outta there.  Another reason I may be absent is that someone snorted up all the coke; either way, I’m gone.  I hope you caught that I used a “9” instead of a “g” up there a few sentences ago.  That, my friends, is how you be cool.  Did that last sentence sound weird to you? It did to me.  Anyway.


Image from a Yahoo! article about fashion disasters; I kinda like it...

I think contradictions constitute the other 30 or so percent of me that isn’t water.  I wear hypocrisy like this lady wears wood-grain.  And may I ask, why is there such a huge gap where her squishy girl bits should be?  I feel like if I tried to kick her in the cunt I’d miss… *sigh, moving right along….

Anyway, I still haven’t fully decided if I’m going to keep the same web address or make a new one; I am trying to decide between “dontbelievethehype.wordpress.com” or “theanti-hyphenationist.wordpress.com.”  The problem with the first is that I still haven’t spelled “believe” correctly the first time around.  I can see that quickly pissing me off.  The problem with the second one is that it’s so long, hyphenated, and a made-up word which invariably will be misspelled, typed incorrectly, or spelled wrong.

Oh well, keep checking back for updates, pointless and vulgar though they may be.  If you try to come to this site and it’s suddenly not here, you’ll know I moved.  Or I’m busy trying to punt this bitch’s snatch.  Okay, I giggled a bit after I typed that last sentence.  Peace y’all!

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