Or at least use a box-cutter like the professionals…

In a bout of sentimental inquisitiveness, I decided to Google the title of my blog, “Mentology.” 

I’m pissed.  I was certain I invented (or at least coined) the term years ago.  Nope.  Turns out, it’s the profile on a gay fitness dating site. Observe:


Now, I’m not saying this gentleman doesn’t have an okay body, but really? Mentology?  That’s the worst profile name EVER!!!! Especially since it was MINE FIRST!!!! Hmm… Six feet, 150lbs… not bad…. ANYWAY,

Then, to make matters worse, there’s a GODDAMN BOOK with my term’s name in it! Observe: 


Fuck you, F.W. Sears and fuck you, Concentration! Ooh look! Squirrel! Wait… Stay on track, Jason.  Ok.  This isn’t the worst, because at least it’s only 20 pages.  My thesis paper in college English (or “Language Arts” or whatever politically correct bullshit they’re calling it now) was entitled “Mentology” and it was more than 20 pages.  Plus it had a kick-ass graphic and a cool font.  Shit.  This blog, when copied and pasted to a Word document is about 60 pages.  BAM, muthafuckas! 

Wiki Answers says this of mentology: “Mentology is the study of the mind. :-)”  NO FUCKING SHIT. And was a sideways smiley face (the one with the nose) REALLY necessary?  REALLY? 

This next one just weirds me out:


I just… I… Look, the pieces are little plastic brains and the product is spelled differently on the box and the website’s description (MENTALOGY vs. MENTOLOGY) and of course, there’s a timer; because we all know that in order for a brain to make it’s way around a game board, it must beat the clock or all is lost.  But this is the same website that actively advertises “Ugly Dolls” (under “Collectibles”) so I guess I should expect as much.  Isn’t “Ugly Dolls” a redundant term?

Apparently there’s also someone on Facebook with the name “Mentology,” but we all already know how I feel about FB…

Maybe I’ll give ol’ Mentology on RealJock a buzz…


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