My 50th Post! Ron Paul for President!

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Political
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I know I know; it’s stupid to celebrate such menial milestones, but I thought I’d make this one special.  Observe:

screen capture of my donation

$50 to commemorate my 50th post!

That’s right.  I suppose it’s a big deal because this represents my mustard seed-sized and growing faith in our political process.

I know that I have no right to be proud of being an American, what with the accident of my birth and all, but what I can do is give my best effort to sort through the madness and lies to find the emergence of truth and hope… Perhaps Obama did, despite his best efforts to the contrary, bring hope.  I truly believe that everyone has a part to play; even if it’s just as an example of what not to be or how not to live or, in this case, what we don’t want in a president.  And since out of anarchy would inevitably rise a democratic system once again, I guess we have to have somebody in charge, or at least in the seat of a figurehead.  We’re not savages, after all.

Anyway, yea.  I donated to his campaign and I truly hope he wins.  I think he’s gonna take the Iowa caucuses by storm and burn up all the debates with Obama.  I think his ideas can actually change America for the better.

That’s the big thing about him, I think.  That’s why he’s popular with young people (if I might be so bold as to count myself among the young); is that with him, we see prospects for actual, effectual change, rather than just a slightly different flavor of the same gruel.

So yea.  I’m not buying Christmas presents (because I’m a heathen… or a pagan, I can never remember which…) but I feel this could be my contribution to the gift we’ll be giving to our posterity – Ron Paul as our next president – which trumps any tie or even video game you could possibly get on our imaginary savior’s imaginary birth day.

I only donated $50 this go-around, but when he becomes the Republican candidate in January, you better believe I’ll be giving more and getting more involved.

Peace, y’all!!


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