This is how every night should end.

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Don't Ever Read Ever, Rants

A clean room, a glass of wine, music (if you like), an accomplished day behind you, and typing correspondence to a best friend.  This has been quite the week. I’ve been much more active the past 10 days than I have of late mainly because a soldier new to our unit has been prodding me to get off my ass.  In the past two weeks we’ve ruck marched almost 25 miles.  Not to mention the running, rope climbing, and intellectual pursuits.  I guess sometimes people can just ‘click’ and get shit done.  He’s training for Special Forces… I’m training not to be fat-ass slob.  He’s… much further along than I am.

Other than that I’ve been playing a lot of PS3 and Xbox.  This is the time of year when all the good games come out.  Thankfully, there are no more that I want to buy except for one that comes out December 24th (Gran Tourismo 5), so not only will I save money by not buying any more, I’ll save money by spending time inside.  I know that sounds bad, but my idea of a good time is driving to the mall and walking around TRYING to get tempted into buying something.  Sure, I enjoy looking at all the funny-looking people too.

If you (or me, if I ever read this post later) are waiting for this post to get good or arrive at some point, you best look elsewhere.  These is just ramblings.  Damn… only 1/4 glass of wine left.  Oh well, I suppose I owe it to myself and my patients tomorrow to be well rested.  So goodnight, moon!



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