A little about me…

Posted: October 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

Answers to questions about me you didn’t know you had and also don’t even know what the questions are!

1. About 5 inches, on a good day.
2. Mostly at night when I wear jeans to bed.
3. Oh, that’s really none of your business.
4. Once, when I was in high school and then again a few years later after I’d ‘had a few.’
5. Jews.
6. Blacks.
7. Whites.
8. No, but I’ve always wondered what sound it would make.
9. Yes and it caused excruciating pain.
10. No, but I don’t think I’d tell you if I had.
11. I don’t know for sure, but it was probably an Enya album.
12. The part in that Taylor Swift song where she says, “You say you’re finds I know you better than that…”
13. People who pronounce it “nuke-you-lar.”
14. I still am not convinced that girls even have them.
15. Indian food.
16. The poster of Tyra Banks at my old job.
17. Being sticky.
18. Because I’m allergic to rodents.
19. They say it’s from sitting on the toilet for too long, but I think it’s from the sun.
20. Moses.
21. Whatever makes me sweat most.
22. 50 bucks.
23. Either cock fingering or gay siamese midget.
24. Yea. It’s when anyone over 5 years old calls shitting “boo boo.”
25. Also Jews.


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