After several months…

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Rants

I’ve finally figured out why I’m attracted to Pronoun.  It’s because I finally felt something.  Despite the incompatibility between pronoun and I, I kept hoping and would find myself disappointed when pronoun wouldn’t return my affection.  How freeing to have diagnosed the source my own psychotic tendency for self abuse.  How sad at the same time…

But now I can move on.  So add that to the list of qualifications for my next lover: “Must make me feel.”  Any more specificity and I risk alienating half the lot of potential lovers.  Perhaps that’s the point though; to narrow down potential mates to just one or several.

Also I need to be worshipped.  I must be adored for my singing voice; it’s the only thing I really have that’s truly mine.  It may not be great, but I want my voice to make someone forget to breathe as many voices have done to me.  Oh life; what won’t it come up with next?

Rev. J

  1. M says:

    When you seek what makes you feel all you end up with is emptyness but when you begin to just live you might find out what you seek is but a truck stop away. Ok kinda sluty ending but what do you expect from someone who never takes outside life seriously. 🙂

  2. ellafree says:

    your voice melts many a folk into puddles.
    yes. it’s 2 am on a saturday and i’m up blogsurfing…
    all your music is awesome btw. when school is out i will give the ones you had msged me with proper listenings and let you know of any specifics.
    i hope to someday be … heck, i’d settle for liked, loved… worshipped would be a stretch for me.
    but i think it’s what everyone seeks – to have that which is truly theirs, which is them, not only noticed for the wonder it is, but to know it moves someone remarkably.
    blah i take myself too seriously. esp for 2 am on a saturday…

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