Jason Versus Justin

Posted: March 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

It has been suggested that some of my characteristics resemble those of pop super-star Justin Timberlake.  In the next few pictures I’ll let you judge for yourself.

jj1 jj2 jj3 jj4

So, to sum it up, Justin has less chins, I have less of a chance of boinking Rihanna.  Justin has blue eyes, mine are diarrhea colored. Justin’s “sexy” look says, “Come hither…” and mine says “Pull my finger.”  Justin’s goofy face is jolly and happy.  Mine’s goofy and … “special.”  The pic that best resembles our similarities is the Army one.  But it would take three Justins to equal the amount of chins found in just one Jason. 


Until next time!


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