(From a conversation with C.M.)

Deja vu.  I used to be super interested in this topic but of late I’ve given up trying to understand it.  It seems to be one of those things that there really is no clear explanation for because it can’t be repeated intentionally (much like Toyota brake problems) and people seem to have differing opinions of what deja vu actually is.  To some it’s like a premonition, to others, an out-of-place "haven’t I been here before" kinda feeling.  And, since we can’t be each other, we’ll never really know with verifiable proof that we’re all even talking about the same subject. It’s kinda like the old "how do I know we both see the color yellow the same?" argument.  A nice philosophical conundrum that’s kept thinkers busy for years.  I think that it’s like anything on this Earth.  From one perspective it can be simple and consistent from person to person (ie a ‘weird’ feeling) but when you get down to brass tacks, we all experience the ‘same’ thing quite differently; for some it’s emotional, others – philosophical or spiritual, and many others just dismiss it altogether.  Even when it’s mentioned in the books I read they describe not only the phenomenon differently than I’ve experienced, but each has a very different explanation.

One would say that before you incarnate, you go over and plan every moment of your life and when you do incarnate, your slate has not been wiped entirely clean, thus periodically throughout life you happen upon a memory before it’s actually happened.  What frustrates me about this is that I never know how to act when I get deja vu; I always wonder if I’m at the precipice of something extraordinary or if it’s just a sort of universal ‘glitch.’ But then the moment passes and I’m back to being and feeling mundane.

Another interesting concept is what you mentioned – the advanced technology.  I’ve a suspicion that there is no ‘there’ or ‘somewhere else’ and that there really is ultimately only a ‘HERE’ in the infinite moment of "NOW." Baba Ram Das wrote a book called "Be Here Now" but the title is written circularly so that it reads: "be here now be now here etc…" (now here = no where *wink*) Anyway, in this infinte now, we, as souls or individuations or Cosmic consciousness (or God) are essentially in a sort of wonderfully complex ‘video game’ (similar to the matrix, but instead of waking up to just a shittier world, we wake up to infinite light and consciousness) – and when life is over we sort of ‘take off our virtual reality’ helmets, and we’re all at the same place (or as the theory of other minds hints at; we wake up and it’s just you [or me]. That is there is only ONE) in the infinte NOW.  I once played with a drummer who took a lot of acid, and he reported back that he found himself at the cradle of the universe; that he was God – there was none like him, there was nothing but him.  He was so infinitely and ultimately glorious and powerful that nothing could ever compare… BUT he was alone.  Can you imagine the loneliness of that depth and magnitude? It is a loneliness so terrible it ceases to be; (because after all, if you’re the ONLY thing/person/being/force in existence, what experience of companionship would you have to compare with your current state of affairs?  No.  Rather it manifested as the divine inspiration to – in a word – "delude" oneself into a "fantasy world" and create other consciousnesses that you could interact with.  What more? Give them free will to do as they please.  Who cares if billions upon billions upon trillions upon trillions of ‘years’ elapse; where else have you got to be?  You have the power to make zillions of universes each inhabited by quadrillions of little bits of you (each existing for quintillions of ‘years’), and since you know nothing other than perfection, why not make your other little ‘yous’ ‘forget’ what perfection is and you can therefore experience pain, heartache, loneliness, etc, through all these little buggers so you can by contrast experience the perfection and bliss that is who you really are? … sorry I’m not really sure what that last paragraph was about, but when the spirit moves, I write lol. Anyway…

Personally, I’ve proposed that what we are experiencing now is – as I mentioned earlier, with the reviewing of every instant of your life before you incarnate – simply a dry run before the REAL thing.  And Deja Vu is simply our reminder of that – much like a person wrapped up in an exam occasionally becomes startled when the proctor announces "25 minutes left" or whatever.

And I’ve a tiny bone to pick with this phenomenon of waking split seconds before the alarm goes off.  Sure, to some extend you’re so deeply conditioned that you should know what time it is no matter when or where you are, but I still maintain that it’s not logical that a person can wake up literally half a second before their alarm goes off; rather I think what is happening is that the alarm wakes you up, then some chain of chemicals in your brain makes you experience the awakening before you experience the alarm sounding.  Who knows.  Oh well.  Until next time.



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