Arguing with myself, Facebook style!

Posted: March 2, 2010 in Uncategorized
Jason Sans Argonauts

Literally no one will care or know what I’m talking about, but on my US history midterm: I wrote Andrew Carnegie and debated for 10 minutes if it was him or John D. Rockefeller. Well I scratched out Carnegie and went with Rockefeller and I was right. So naturally I threw my arms into the air exuberantly and looked ar…


Just goes to show – your first answer is not always the correct one.

Shut you fag-hole, you queer-bate. You got lucky, that’s all. Statistically your first answer is the deepest in your memory because that’s where your brain plants facts.

What a load of horse shit! Did you read that in a book? Are you sure it was a book? Are you sure it wasn’t ‘nothing?’

Oh Jason you always disarm my consternation with Family Guy quotes. Also; "fag-hole?" I’m not even gonna ask.

"Consternation?" This isn’t the 1600’s. "Oh; lets have some CRUMPETS and TEA."

That doesn’t even… That’s not even a real way to make fun of antiquated language. That’s what you would say if I pretended to be English or whatever.

Oh is it not, is it?



  1. OMG! Maybe you do understand my thought patterns.

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