The Anabolic Diet: Day 17

Posted: December 2, 2009 in Health & Nutrition

So any information that can be found about this diet says how it takes some getting used.  They mention the big “crash” around day 8, and they all mention the definite rewards for sticking it out.

Well, this nears the close of day 16 or 17ish for me.  During the first week and a half I definitely started to notice a decline in my energy level; both at the gym and in my professional life.  I loathed stairs by about day 11.  I definitely had a major crash at about day 7-8 which was a Sunday night into Monday.  I slept pretty much from about 1500 Sunday to Monday evening, getting up only to pee, eat a few bites, and throw on an episode of “Friends.”  It was bad.  I was definitely anticipating it so it was bearable and a part of me was glad to see that this diet was “working.”

I finally did my carb load at about 0100 on Friday morning (Thursday night).  I had uncontrollable cravings for sweets and ended up buying a 4-pack of iced honey buns, a 12-pack of cupcakes, a big box of macaroni & cheese, a bag of iced animal cookies, a package of Soft Batch chocolate cookies, and 2 boxes of White Castle hamburgers.  Along with some Fiber One ‘caramel delight’ cereal with soy milk and a trip to Cici’s pizza, this constituted my entire initial carb load after the induction phase.  I should also note that I didn’t go to the gym from Wednesday through Sunday.  I spent the four-day Thanksgiving weekend playing Borderlands on Xbox 360. 

I went to the gym for the first time in five days yesterday (Monday).  It was amazing.  Even though I am sticking to a set-weight routine, I found I was able to do more reps after that ‘oh God this is starting to burn’ feeling comes.  I worked out until I was sore and it made it difficult to sleep i was so sore.  This is a sign – to me at least – that I’ve had a good workout.  I mainly did upper body.  And today, I did legs and had an equally awesome workout.  Hopefully I’ll get better sleep though; perhaps some NSAIDs before I hit the hay?

I have just finished eating dinner; a dish consisting of fresh spinach cooked with coconut oil, sliced turkey, and spices and I gotta say.  This diet is working well.  I know my next pig-out carb load is just around the corner, but I don’t feel an intense craving.  I’m hardly even looking forward to it.  I’m loving veggies and meat.  I suppose one way I could improve this diet is to pay closer attention to exact calories, times, and fat/protein content. 

I will post a couple more blogs about this diet and then some pics if I am really impressed with my progress.  Until next time!


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