My Idea For My Book

Posted: May 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

     I’m often told I should write a book.  Maybe it’s because I talk out my ass so much about esoteric subjects.  Perhaps it’s because I disagree with everybody’s point of view – even my own.  Regardless, (irregardless, for those of you in Rio Linda) I have begun to unite sperm and egg in my head.  … It’s not like it sounds; what I mean is I’ve begun to formulate the topic of my book and have been swishing around title ideas.  After all, sometimes having the perfect title can propel your imagination and creativity.  So I was thinking something like, “Read This Book Before You Come To Earth” or “The New Soul’s Guide To Earth” or “Chicken Soup For the Soon-To-Incarnate Soul (description of ‘chicken’ in chapter 16, ‘soup’ in chapter 15)”.

     My goal for this book would be a kind of handbook for life.  Not a religious text per se, but it would incorporate a multitude of religious ideas and histories.  It would talk about human nature, diversity, music, learning, love, hate, economy, politics, etc.  

     I don’t think I’m old enough yet to write this book.  Perhaps when I’m 70 and doing what don Juan Matus (of Carlos Castaneda’s books’ fame) suggests as a ‘recapitulation,’ or life review.  This would be right about the time that developmentalist Erik Erikson says I should be reviewing my life anyway, right?  So I’m keeping this all on a backburner for now.

More to come.


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