Posted: October 27, 2008 in Rants

Perhaps it’s my drive to express positivity.  Perhaps it’s the artist in me (I’ll wait till he’s done to continue writing… just kidding, jeez!) But I feel it’s my job to sift through and integrate all the wisdom and intelligence in this world and boil it down to make it relevant to this generation and the next.  Does that make narcissistic or cocky? Perhaps.

I just feel like there is something out there that can unify relilgion, science, politics, scepticism, medicine, music, and the economy.  I think Independece Day (with Will Smith) had the idea.  I think it’s going to take a crisis that attacks the Earth indiscriminately to get us to join forces against any real threat.  that is, as opposed to the percieved threat that we currently see each other’s race, religion, political view, and social standing as.

I would hate to see the Earth get attacked and have 35 major cities destroyed, but if you want to make an omelette, you gotta breaka few eggs.

There are those who oppose a one-world-government.  I oppose it in the sense that all control is horded to a few men, but I embrace it in the sense that it’s time we unite as a species and take our place in the universal community and devote time and resources to raising our spiritual conciousnesses.  This is the true future of humanity- not some Mad Max barren desert wasteland where everyone wears black leather, drives a custom weapon-equipped motorcycle and hangs with a gang of mutants.

But this is the world that a majority of people want.

Christians are obsessed with their “end times” and as long as they believe that the world is just going to shit anyway, they don’t bother trying to fix it or help.  Even the good ones only follow a calling to the extent that it is mere maintenance until the lord returns to snatch all his people up and dump steamy cups of shit on the non-believers.  But this is the problem.

If you got a car and were told 3rd hand in a pamphlet edited 20 times by 20 different people that was writeen 2 years ago that the car was going to be destoyed shortly, what motivation would you have to take care of it? Very very little.  Just enough to keep it going until that inevitable day.  What motivation would you have to trick it out with rims, a new stereo, playboy mudflaps, tinted windows, drop kit, and spinners? Absolutely zero.  Even if you had hundreds of people telling you that your car is good and the pamphlet is bullshit, you still choose to believe that whoever wrote the pamphlet is correct, even though you’ve never personally met him.

We as humans have an uncanny ability to believe in illogical, fictional things, and deny the very truth in front of our eyes.  It really is remarkable how much faith we put in unsubstantiated mythology and how little we trust our hearts and hope for a brighter future.

This, perhaps, is because our hearts have been corrupted since birth.  Our parents were lied to, so they lie to us, not even knowing they are doing so.  Who can blame them?  I tell you what, though; I thank my dad every chance I get for raising me with an open mind, an analytical curiosity, and a drive to look underneath the rug to see what all has been swept there by countless generations.

That’s my rant for today.  I love you and I’d hug you if I could.  Mention this ad and you get one free hug.



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