My Dirty Secret

Posted: October 26, 2008 in Music & Philosophy

I have a secret confession.

No, it’s not that I have 3 nipples.  It’s not that I’m gay (incidentally, any guys out there interested in a hot guy with 3 nipples?).

No.  What it is is that yesterday’s show was my first solo performance.

All my musical life I’ve performed with people.  From my very first “performance” when I started playing guitar, which consisted of myself and an upright bass player playing a few bars of some colonial melody to my social studies class, to any number of the biggest shows I’ve played in front of hundreds of people.  I have always had the security blanket of others on stage with me.  This way, even if I screw up, the audience may not know because they might likely be paying attention to the others.  This is true even when I’ve been the one singing the song.

That said, the show went amazingly!  The first song, “Sing With Me,” before my fingers were warmed up had a plethora of guitar glitches, nothing too bad though.  It is a relatively easy song to sing, so it went off without a hitch vocally.  Then I played “Gotta Find You” by Joe Jonas from Camp Rock- I love this song and the high school kids can relate.  Third was “I Don’t Need You Here” and about halfway through this song my voice came into it’s own.  I had numerous voice cracks, nothing too inappropriate, but noticable nonetheless.  The last 2 songs, “So Help Me God” and “Take It Slow” were the best songs I have ever played live.  My voice was a 9 or 10, and guitar was flawless.

This whet my appetite for playing so bad.  I can’t wait for my next show.

My second show.


the setlist - written on my RENT flyer

the setlist - written on my RENT flyer


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